neodoc is Neocom’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Besides being an Enterprise Content Management system and Business Process Management it offers information sharing, collaboration and record management. The system is hosted in highly available and scalable environment, offering seamless user experience anywhere, from any device and at any time.

Unique Search Engine

neodoc possesses a unique and fast system for searching information by file name, content or metadata. Also, if you regularly search for a certain information, you can opt to save your search queries.


The environment where data is stored is completely secure and protected from malwares (such as cryptolocker), unauthorized access and modifications.


When modifying a document, a new version is created, which allows you to track content history. Also, by using the integrated workflows, your documents will never be lost.

Record Management

Simple and quick access to your archived information. Option for creating e-logbooks for classifying incoming and outgoing documents, according to the current legal regulations.