Client Infrastructure

Data Centers

Every IT infrastructure needs to be properly treated, whether it is server equipment, network equipment or security devices. In order to establish complete protection of the infrastructure it is necessary to take into account a number of factors:

  • To guarantee proper operation of the equipment it is necessary to have a properly built room with antistatic raised floor.
  • Performing appropriate electrical installation depending on the current and future needs of your company.
  • Implementation of passive network and optical installation in the data center and outside the data center.
  • Implementation of dedicated air conditioning that controls optimal temperature and humidity.
  • Access control system and datacenter parameters monitoring.

That is why Neocom with its experienced engineers can offer design and planning of system halls and data centers, but also their professional execution.

For the implementation of a system for access control and monitoring of data center parameters, Neocom is in partnership with AKCP – the oldest and largest company for environmental monitoring, power supply and physical security solutions.