Client Infrastructure

IP Telephony

Collaboration is a key factor in the success of any business, regardless of the industry in which it operates. The integration of telephony with computer systems is a key factor for the implementation of a successful collaboration platform. With the dynamics of today’s business processes, the time spent looking for a phone user who is not available is practically a waste of time.

The IP telephony solutions offered by Neokom are based on the Collaboration platform of the Cisco manufacturer. The Cisco IP telephony also known as Cisco Unified Communication Manager platform, enables easy implementation of telecommunications systems through existing network infrastructure, system control through clearly defined privileges closely integrated with existing network and computing infrastructure (such as Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP authentication), reduction of costs for telephony through automatic dialing of the cheapest connection route or in case of remote locations, through VPN connections free talk between the entities. All this is possible without any compromise in terms of service quality with clearly defined qualities.

Implementing IP telephony from Cisco, users get a platform for easy development of collaboration systems such as:

  • Conferences (audio and video)
  • Call centers for collaboration with their clients
  • Mobile applications for greater efficiency
  • Attendance systems
  • Voice messages
  • Interaction with popular application solutions