Server Infrastructure

Server Farms

The basis of any successful business application, email system, data server and other services is the hardware platform. To ensure the smooth operation of your business-critical application, the server it runs on should have redundant components, well-built, durable and tested parts, as well as the ability to replace parts during server operation (hot-swap). The server systems offered by Neocom meet all the needs of your business and the conditions for successful operation of your applications and services.

Neocom is an HPE Partner and offers all servers in the HPE range. HP ProLiant series of industry standard servers is one of the most successful server lines with a long presence in the market. In our market, ProLiant servers are also one of the most successful and present servers in the infrastructure of many companies. ProLiant server users have a positive experience with server design, persistence, management and servicing.

In addition to HPE servers, Neocom is also a partner of Fujitsu and offers servers from their range. Fujitsu Primergy series of industry standard servers are of high quality, flexible and very competitive.