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Uninterruptible Power Supply

Network power outages and instabilities are one of the most common causes of unwanted damage to computer equipment and, more importantly, loss of user data and damage to operating systems.

The use of uninterruptible power supplies (Uninterruptible Power Supply – UPS) enables protection of user equipment and data from the harmful consequences caused by lack or poor quality network power supply.

The basic functionality of these devices is to provide quality power supply to the equipment and in cases of:

  • Complete power outage from the city network;
  • Partial interruption (interruption of one of the phases);
  • Input voltage and frequency variations;
  • Short-term peaks, surges or downtime of the city network;
  • Presence of transient components;

 Uninterruptible power supplies are made for different powers and different autonomy times depending on the needs of the users.

In versions that provide data center protection, uninterruptible power supplies are often combined with a generator that enables power supply in the event of prolonged power outages..

Neocom as an authorized dealer and service center of the brands EATON and HP offers solutions that meet the needs of all categories of users.

The product portfolio consists of devices for individual home use, to complex redundant uninterruptible power supply systems designed for parallel operation 24×7 that find their application in financial institutions, medical institutions, data centers, research laboratories, military industry, etc.