Ricoh fi-65F


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Ricoh fi-65F A6 Scanner

A6 scanning designed for portability and compact spaces

Technology: Color Contact Image Sensor (CIS)

Output Resolution: 50-600 dpi (600 optical)

Speed with AC adapter:

Monochrome/Grayscale: 1.0 seconds (200/300 dpi)

Color: 1.7 seconds (200 dpi), 2.5 seconds (300 dpi)

Speed with USB bus powered:

Monochrome/Grayscale: 2.0 seconds (200/300 dpi)

Color: 2.0 seconds (200 dpi), 2.5 seconds (300 dpi)

Scanning Mode: Simplex

Document feeding mode: Flatbed

Interface: High-speed USB 2.0

Features: Auto de-skew, auto cropping and removable document cover

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