Established in the distant 1990 as a joint stock company with full Macedonian capital, Neocom is one of the leading business IT companies . Over the years, it has established itself as a benchmark for other IT companies on the Macedonian market, continuously investing in professionalization and education of its own staff, as well as building a healthy ecosystem with its clients. Partnerships with a number of software and ICT equipment manufacturers have made it possible for Neocom to offer solutions that will best suit even the users with specific needs.

The portfolio of services offered by Neocom  ranges from the sale of computer hardware and software, to the most complex communication systems and turnkey solutions intended for both consumers and specific uses. To close the whole ecosystem, Neocom possesses highly competent engineers who maintain costumer equipment. The investment over the years in the education of the technical staff results in the fact that Neocom, in addition to many service authorizations, today is also an HP authorized service center, Samsung authorized center, and Lenovo warranty authorized service center. In addition to investing in its own employees, Neocom continuously invests in the professionalism and image of the company itself, implementing international standards of quality.

In 2005, Neocom established the Internet and Telecommunications Operator Neotel, thus giving its customers a choice in the Internet and telecommunications market.

Neocom is located in Skopje on
boulevard Kuzman Josifovski Pitu 15
in its own building with an area of ​​over 7000m2, within which the store is located and is the main headquarters of the company. Since 2004 we own a building in the center of Bitola, which houses sales and service departments.

Makpetrol Computers
Founded in May 1990 under the name Makpetrol Computers as a joint stock company.
In 1997 rebrands into NEOCOM and begins to build the largest Macedonian IT brand.
Its own Business Center
Moves into its own business center of more than 12.000 m2 in 2002
Office in Bitola
Opens offices in Bitola in 2004
The founding of Neotel - Telecommunications Provider in 2005
May 1990

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Social Responsibility

Over the years, Neocom has continuously supported socially beneficial events, including:


In order to offer professional and quality service to its customers, Neocom continuously invests in the education and certification of its employees, but at the same time certification of the company itself according to international ISO standards. Namely, Neocom is the first Macedonian IT company that is certified according to the international ISO standard ISO 9001: 2008 in 2000.