Data centers

Every IT infrastructure needs to be properly treated, whether it is server equipment, network equipment or security devices.

Server farms

The basis of any successful business application, email system, data server and other services is the hardware platform. 

Uninterruptible power supply

Network power outages and instabilities are one of the most common causes of unwanted damage to computer equipment. 

Data backup - VEEAM

Every IT infrastructure needs to be properly treated, whether it is server equipment, network equipment or security devices.

IP Telephony

Collaboration is a key factor in the success of any business, regardless of the industry in which it operates. The integration of telephony with computer systems is a key factor for the implementation of a successful collaboration platform. 

Networks and security

Reducing network security threats is a challenge we face on a daily basis. The long experience of the employees in this field and the cooperation with the world famous companies, enable the user to choose the best possible solution for his security needs. These names mean enough Palo Alto, Sophos, Trend Micro, Malwarebytes, Aruba, Cisco…

Antivirus protection is the first line of defense against the dangers that lurk in the daily use of computers and servers in any work organization. Neocom's experienced team offers security solutions in collaboration with several world-renowned partners - antivirus software developers
IPS systems can be defined as appliance devices that have the ability to detect network-level attacks, known and unknown, and block them in a way that makes them unsuccessful. These devices, ie their ability to block certain suspicious traffic, are designed to overcome the limitations of passive network traffic monitoring.
Web browsing and e-mail are the most widely used services on the Internet. Every day, all Internet users browse a huge number of web pages, and at the same time receive and send dozens, and some maybe hundreds of messages. In order to protect ourselves from such unwanted occurrences, it is necessary to introduce web and e-mail filters that review the origin and content of pages / messages.
Web and Email filters
Many systems and applications in an IT infrastructure generate events that are stored in the form of logs. All of these events are actually activities that occurred on the system or application and usually contain security information.
Audit trail systems

Software solutions


Neocom web-based solutions are based primarily on Microsoft technologies and their recommendations for developing quality and highly trusted solutions. The daily changes of technologies as well as their development require in the very process of analysis and design of solutions to take into account their scalability and adaptability to new technologies, but also to new business processes that are the result of customer work.


Neocom has built its customer experience and trust with the ability to offer and deliver comprehensive business solutions. In the complete IT infrastructures, in addition to the hardware solutions, system and application software are also needed in order to complete the need for fast, efficient and modern operation.

Development ofSoftware

The development of the web solutions itself is performed using Microsoft Visual Studio as an integrated development environment and the latest versions of the ASP.NET framework. The data model of the solutions is set on Microsoft SQL Server R2 as a data server on which the data layer is developed, which depending on the client’s requirements and the problem is performed with some of the data layer templates such as Entity Framework, LINQ to Objects, Repository, etc.


A quality and stable document management system is necessary for every modern business operation, especially if we take into account the dynamics of business processes, which is the main feature of our clients. Today, end users want simplicity in the solution they use, with simple forms for module configuration, while management needs constant control and confirmation of a scalable and robust content management system (documents).


Canteen is a software tool that enables organizing and planning meals within the restaurant for employees, as well as statistical reports for easier calculation of costs in the restaurant and less loss, i.e. reduction of unused food. Besides planning and organization of meals by the administrator, also allows individual selection and planning of meals by the users of the restaurant. Users of the system can make their choice via the web portal with authentication through Active Directory or through authentication with card reader. The design of the web portal suits all types of resolutions and enables the use of the same through mobile devices.

neodoc is Neocom’s Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Besides being an Enterprise Content Management system and Business Process Management it offers information sharing, collaboration and record management. The system is hosted in highly available and scalable environment, offering seamless user experience anywhere, from any device and at any time.

Creatio is a global vendor of workflow automation and CRM software with no-code development that Neocom has partnered with. Creatio’s offerings include Studio Creatio, CRM applications: Marketing Creatio, Sales Creatio and Service Creatio, industry workflows for 20 verticals and market add-ons.

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neoCloud is a cloud computing platform, designed for companies and individuals who want to focus on their primary business goals, leaving the modern IT challenges to professionals.


NEOTEL DOO is a telecommunications operator established in 2004 with Macedonian capital by the renowned IT company, Neokom AD. For more than 15 years, on the market they have offered a wide range of services in the field of broadband internet access, fixed telephony, leased lines, hosting and collocation of equipment.


neoDC is a brand from the portfolio of advanced services offered by Neocom, an ICT company with more than 25 years of experience. neoDC is the first and only data center for neutral collocation in Macedonia.  

Support and Service

Since its establishment, Neocom has been profiled as one of the leading service-oriented ICT companies on the Macedonian market. Setting the satisfied customer as its highest imperative, Neocom pays exceptional attention to the after-sales support of ICT equipment and information systems. The Service Center applies the best practices in its work in accordance with the recommendations contained in the ITILv3 ( Information Technology Infrastructure Library ) for IT service management.

HP Enterprise and HP Inc. Service Center

The service center of Neocom offers all options for support available by HP Enterprise and HP inc. in North Macedonia

Samsung Service Center

The service center of Neocom is the only authorized service center for SAMSUNG IT products in North Macedonia.